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Our mission is to provide safe, efficient and quality water well services and treatments that are second to none in reliability and performance.
CUSTOMERS: We cater to our customer needs by providing services and products that set high standards for quality, reliability, durability and value for their money.
COMMUNITY: Our goal is to improve each community we service by providing clean, safe and efficient water services as needed.
ENVIRONMENT:  We strive to minimize waste in the environment and maximize resources for future uses.
ETHICS:  We strive to be the best in every aspect of our business by cultivating trust, responsibility, high expectations and open communication with our customers, vendors and employees.  We operate under the ‘Golden Rule’.
EMPLOYEES: Our creative, productive employees are empowered to make suggestions while thinking “outside the box” and are essential to the growth and success of our company.
SAFETY: We work with care and good judgment at all times to avoid accidents and support the safest of work environments.

Your “WELL” being is our only business!

Of Great Lakes Water Resources Group

Well & Pump Services

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